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About the Artist

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Sarah graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

She started her art career as a watercolorist, but now works primarily with acrylic on canvas.

Sarah enjoys painting the beauty of God's creation. Currently, she's attracted to light and how it creates a mood and carves out shapes in nature. Sarah paints landscapes predominantly but also botanicals and figures.

For many years, while Sarah homeschooled her children, she volunteered as a theatrical set designer.  This offered her the opportunity to give back to her community while  spending time learning and honing her craft.

Sarah appreciated the challenge of conceiving a concept and then watching it come to life on the stage. Now, she has returned to creating her own art from her own inspiration.

  • Sarah is proud to announce that six pieces from her Montana Collection hang in Sage Lodge, a luxury resort in Pray, Montana.

  • Sarah hosted 'The Art Show Presents' at the Edmonds Plaza Room with two other artists and a photographer. (April 2017)

  • Sarah has been accepted in juried art shows at Shack Art Center, Mount Lake Terrace, Edmonds Art Festival and Gallery Northwest. (2017-Present)

  • The sets of "Shrek, The Musical" were nominated via the 5th Avenue Theatre High School Drama Awards.

  • Sarah has assisted Driftwood Players and Ballyhoo Theatre with set designs.

Sarah works in her studio near Edmonds, Washington.

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The following are some of the sets Sarah created.  She is forever grateful for the hard-work and dedication of both Stephanie Elliott and Angie Douglas Butler who helped her create amazing sets. Art transported the audience into a new place and time during live musical theatre.

The set  of "Shrek" rotated and the pages turned like a giant book.


The sets in this show received a nomination for "Outstanding High School Scenic Design" by the 5th Avenue Theater in 2014.

"Shrek" Shrek's opening set.

"Shrek" Shrek's Swamp

Sarah and Stephanie working on the marsh set for "Frog and Toad."

"Shrek". Sarah riding Farquart's trusty steed. Sarah's dad and step mom raise Haflingers, so she made this guy a Haflinger.

"Shrek" Fiona's Opening Set

"Shrek" Forest Set.

"Shrek" Our set construction dream team (Mike Waters & Kent Hargrave) high atop Lord Farquaad's Castle with a dragon.

"Shrek" Fiona's Tower

Stephanie Elliott, Sarah deLendrecie Burnett, and Angie Douglas Butler.

Sarah deLendrecie Burnett riding Lord Farquaad's trusty steed. Sarah's dad and step mom raised Haflinger's, so naturally, she painted this guy a Haflinger.

"Big Fish" set artist wrap at Edmonds Heights.

The team: AKA 'The Arty Chicks' Sarah deLendrecie Burnett, and her amazing assistants: Stephanie Elliott and Angie Douglas Butler. Marti Soranio, not pictured also brought her talent to the set. 

"Big Fish" Central Park.

"Big Fish" Auburn U Set.

"Big Fish" Small Town Hospital.

Stephanie adding the final touches to the daffodil set of "Big Fish"

"The Wizard of Oz" The Witch's Castle was designed by Sophie Burnett and painted by Sarah deLendrecie Burnett. The sets were painted on canvas, photographed and then projected as a backdrop.

"The Wizard of Oz" The Haunted Woods. These sets were painted on canvas, photographed and then projected as a backdrop.

"Frog and Toad" working on the marsh set with Stephanie Elliott

"The Stroll" I painted this in 2013 from a photograph my daughter Amelia took of   Mariah Lotz, the actress who portrayed the character Anne of Green Gables. 

"Side Show"  Our stars Daisy and Violet  - played magnificently by Alia Thomaier and Mariah Lotz

 I am honored to have spent 11 years creating scenes which allowed audiences the ability to escape into the theatre world of fantasy, drama and music. Thanks for the opportunity to work along side talented parents and students!  

Sarah deLendrecie Burnett

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