Screenflex Portal Room Dividers Available for rent 


  • Portable Acoustical Walls

  • Sound Absorbing.

Each panel is constructed using a 1/2" closed cell honeycomb core covered by two layers of fiberglass insulation on each side for maximum sound absorption.

Panels are 6'8" high with a length of 16'9". Each panel weighs 153 lbs. Easy to open and close, easy to transport. 

Tack, pin or staple items directly onto the panels.

Tack-able Panels

We currently have 3 black panels.

Flexibility to divide rooms, display materials and absorb sound.

Position Control Hinges.

Molded position control hinges help the divider remain in the desired configuration.

Full Length Hinges.

A metal hinge is screwed into each panel every four inches, from top to bottom, to provide strength and stability.

Self-Leveling Casters.

Adjusting to uneven surfaces, self-leveling caster's provide added stability.

Locking Corner Casters.

Pedal activated brakes on end casters keep the divider secure and stable.

Storage Latches.

Locking storage latches on both ends of the divider keep the panels securely in place while moving or when closed for storage.

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